4000B Standard Directional Gyro

4000B-series Standard Directional Gyroscopes

The 4000B is our standard air-driven directional gyro. As the aircraft turns left or right, gears on the sensing unit and dial shaft translate this rotation into rotation of the instrument’s vertical dial. Left turns produce clockwise dial rotation and right turns produce counter-clockwise rotation. The gyro is controlled by a heading selector knob located on the lower left of the instrument. Pressing and turning the knob first disengages the dial shaft and then resets the dial to a new heading, which results in a new course indication. Releasing the selector knob re-engages the dial shaft. The on-course position of the pointer is always at the top of the azimuth circle (0° on the dial with the aircraft headed north).

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4000B Standard Options

The Standard configuration can replace most air driven gyros with the major difference being in the layout and colors of the display.

Part Number Model Airplane
@ 30º
@ 90º
(see note)
1U262-001-9 4000B-8 White White White    
1U262-002-32 4000B-22 White White White X X
1U262-001-39 4000B-30 Orange Orange White X  
1U262-002-42 4000B-31 Orange Orange White X X

Note: Lighted instruments do not include lamp trays, please specify aircraft voltage:

- BA14-24-BW3G (14 Volt Lamp Tray)

- BA28-24-BW3G (28 Volt Lamp Tray)