4000C Autopilot Directional Gyro

4000C/D-series Autopilot Directional Gyroscopes

The 4000C/D is an air-driven directional gyro with A.C. autopilot pickoffs. Left turns produce clockwise dial rotation and right turns produce counter-clockwise rotation. Two knobs control the gyro. The left knob is used to cage the unit, and the right knob is used to select the instrument’s heading. To change course, the right selector knob is pressed and turned to disengage the dial shaft and set the pointer to a new heading. Releasing the selector knob re-engages the pointer with the dial shaft. As the aircraft turns onto a new course, the pointer returns to its original position. The on-course position of the pointer is always at the top of the azimuth circle (0° on the dial with the aircraft headed north).

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4000C/D Autopilot Options

Some Auto-Pilot gyros are FAA PMA approved for use in several models of the Century and S-Tec Auto-Pilot systems.

Part Number Model Autopilot Model Airplane
@ 30º
@ 90º
(see note 1)
1U262-003-14 4000C 52D54 White White     X
1U262-004-15 4000C-1 52D54M White White X X X
1U262-041-1 4000C-16 King White White X    
1U262-042-3 4000C-17 King White White X X  
1U262-003-65 4000C-18 52D54 Orange White     X
1U262-004-66 4000C-19 52D54M Orange White X X X
1U262-005-19 4000D ARC 40760-0105 (G502A) Yellow White X    
1U262-005-20 4000D-1 ARC 40760-0114 (G502A) Yellow White X    
1U262-006-45 4000D-6 S-TEC (6406) White White X X X

Note: Lighted instruments do not include lamp trays, please specify aircraft voltage:

BA14-24-BW3G (14 Volt Lamp Tray)

BA28-24-BW3G (28 Volt Lamp Tray)