5000E Autopilot Attitude Gyro
5000E/L-series Autopilot Attitude Gyroscopes

The 5000E air-driven attitude gyro is another variation of our standard 5000B model. It includes inductive pickoffs that generate the signals necessaryto drive an autopilot. The intuitive display has a moving horizon mask that indicates the position of the aircraft’s wings in relation to the natural horizon. This attitude information is passed along to the autopilot system.

This is one of our most popular primary instruments. It is FAA approved, and can replace the turn coordinator when equipped with an inclinometer.

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5000E Autopilot Options

Many of our autopilot gyros are FAA PMA approved for use in ARC and Century CII, CIIB, CIII and CIV autopilot installations.

Part Number Model Display Colors Autopilot Model Autopilot Output Lighted
(see note)
Panel Tilt
23-501-04-2 5000E-8 Blue/Black CFS 52D66 Roll   0 X
23-501-05-2 5000E-9 Blue/Black CFS 52D67 Pitch & Roll   0 X
1U149-006-1 5000E-10 Blue/Black CFS 52D66M Roll X 0 X
1U149-007-1 5000E-11 Blue/Black CFS 52D67M Pitch & Roll X 0 X
23-501-04-24 5000E-20 Blue/Brown CFS 52D66 Roll   0 X
23-501-05-25 5000E-21 Blue/Brown CFS 52D67 Pitch & Roll   0 X
1U149-006-8 5000E-22 Blue/Brown CFS 52D66M Roll X 0 X
1U149-007-9 5000E-23 Blue/Brown CFS 52D67M Pitch & Roll X 0 X
1U284-001 5000L Blue/Black ARC 37570-1001
Pitch & Roll   0  
1U284-001-1 5000L-8 Blue/Black ARC 37570-1002
Pitch & Roll   8  
1U284-001-3 5000L-4 Blue/Black ARC 37570-1011
Pitch & Roll   0  

Note: Lighted instruments do not include lamp trays, please specify aircraft voltage:

BA14-24-BW3G (14 Volt Lamp Tray)

BA28-24-BW3G (28 Volt Lamp Tray)