5000M Cageable Attitude Gyro
5000M-series Cageable Attitude Gyroscopes

The 5000M is an air-driven gyro that has a pictorial horizon mask and fixed airplane. The mask moves to indicate climb, dive, and bank. Bank and pitch attitudes are displayed so that the pilot’s sensing of the gyro indication is the same as the interpretation of the relation between the wings of the aircraft and the natural horizon during visual flight.

The instrument is provided with a caging system which is functional through 360° of roll and 90° of pitch. When caging is engaged, pitch and roll indices are aligned within two degrees.

This instrument is FAA certified, and can be used to replace the aircraft’s turn coordinator when equipped with an inclinometer.

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5000M Cageable Options

The caging feature is very useful for quick erection and display alignment; a high priority for occasional aerobatic maneuvers and operations with short stops.

Part Number Model Display Colors Caging Inclinometer Lighted
(see note 1)
Panel Tilt
1U149-021-1 5000M Blue/Brown X   X 0
23-501-035-5 5000M-1 Blue/Brown X     0
23-501-036-6 5000M-2 Blue/Brown X     8
23-501-037-7 5000M-3 Blue/Brown X X   0
23-501-038-8 5000M-4 Blue/Brown X X   8
1U149-022-2 5000M-5 Blue/Brown X   X 8
1U149-023-3 5000M-6 Blue/Brown X X X 0
1U149-024-4 5000M-7 Blue/Brown X X X 8
5000M Cageable with Warning Flag Options

The ultimate combination for safety and convenience.

Part Number Model Display Colors Warning
Caging Inclinometer Lighted
(see note 1)
Panel Tilt
1U149-025-5 5000M-8 Blue/Brown X X X X 0
1U149-026-6 5000M-9 Blue/Brown X X X X 8
23-501-039-9 5000M-10 Blue/Brown X X X   0
23-501-040-10 5000M-11 Blue/Brown X X X   8
23-501-043-3 5000M-12 Blue/Brown X X     0
23-501-044-4 5000M-13 Blue/Brown X X     8
1U149-027-7 5000M-14 Blue/Brown X X   X 0
1U149-028-8 5000M-15 Blue/Brown X X   X 8

Lighted instruments do not include lamp trays, please specify aircraft voltage:
- BA14-24-BW3G (14 Volt Lamp Tray)
- BA28-24-BW3G (28 Volt Lamp Tray)