AV8ORô Handheld MFD for pilots at any altitude.

Sleek, Powerful and Versatile; in the Air or on the Ground. The new Bendix/King AV8ORô Handheld Multi-Function Display (MFD) takes you to the airport, provides airborne weather and guidance enroute to your destination, and even provides multimedia entertainment along the way. Designed by pilots, for pilots; the AV8OR's innovative features and exceptional graphical user interface mean you'll spend less time entering data and more time piloting.

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The AV8OR 2.5 software and firmware is now available for download. Release 2.5 includes the following new features:

Graphical Weight and Balance Utility

  • Includes an easy-to-use, Graphical Weight and Balance utility
  • Using aircraft-specific data, quickly calculate both takeoff and zero-fuel moments, and see the data in table format, a C.G. Envelope Graph and an aircraft layout page

Smart Airway Flight Planning

  • Enables flight plan and fly airways in the same way that clearances are requested or issued by approach control
  • Simply enter the Entry Point, Airway Name and Exit Point in a single line. For example: "BOSOX V419 PIYIN"
  • Performs all the detail planning, including all intermediate points and turns on the airway

XM Radio Tuning

  • Includes an XM Radio Tuner (WxWorx XM receiver and subscription required)
  • Allows pilots to listen to their favorite XM Radio stations while navigating

To update your AV8OR Handheld, simply click here or go to www.bendixking.com/wingman.

  1. Follow the AV8OR link to the AV8OR Customer Center.
  2. Select "Software Downloads" and update the AV8OR Handheld with both the 2.5 software and firmware updates.

GoDrive Automotive Street Map Updates

  • GoDrive Automotive Street Map updates are now available by going to http://www.naviextras.com/
  • Points of Interest updates and several other add-on features are also available for purchase
  • One free maps update is available for customers who purchased their AV8OR Handheld unit after 1/1/10. All other updates are available for purchase on the http://www.naviextras.com/ website (see site for pricing details)
  • Please note that these updates are provided by Nav-n-Go and support for automotive map updates is provided directly by Nav-n-Go via their Naviextras website

The Bendix/King by Honeywell AV8OR, the affordable, easy-to-use, portable display that enhances your sit­uat­ional awareness, is now avail­able for helicopter pilots.

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  • Graphical Weight and Balance Utility
  • Smart Airway Flight Planning
  • XM Radio Tuning
  • GoDrive Street Map Updates
  • Large 4.3" diagonal screen
  • Touch-and-See map information
  • Touch-and-Drag map panning
  • Smart-Profile altitude display
  • Multimedia player (music, movies & more)
  • Real-time satellite weather
  • Built-in automotive database
  • Airport Diagrams**
  • Portable Glass Panel
  • Bluetoothģ cell phone/GPS interface

**Annual subscriptions are available from Seattle Avionics for $49.

Add XM Weather to your AV8OR by simply adding a WxWorx XM Weather Receiver. Choose either Aviator or Aviator Lite data subscriptions from XM.

The AV8OR Handheld displays Aviation NEXRAD, Graph­ical METARs, AIRMETs and SIGMETs, as well as storm cell tracks, cloud tops, Text METARs/TAFs/AIRMETs/ SIGMETs and Winds Aloft.